Current Transmissions:


Wiped Memories, Rebooting...

Max awoke to find Frank, Goner & Angst standing over him. As soon as he opened his eyes the fluorescent light above him seemed to stab at his brain, like searing meat on a barbeque. His clothes were tattered and bloody but he had no wounds on him.

"Welcome back," Angst said as she crouched down beside him. She gave him a pat on the shoulder. "How you feeling?"

"I feel fine," Max said. "What happened?"

"You crashed," Goner said. He was leaning up against a pillar eating some Dorito's. "Overloaded. Virused."

"Huh?" Max asked as he propped himself up. He glanced around at the others; it looked like they had been part of a huge battle. "Where's Mags?"

"You don't remember?" Frank said. He offered his hand to help Max up.

Max took Frank's arm and stood. His head was woozing, a feeling of several houseflies walking around in his brain. "What am I missing?"