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excerpt from Luck_Dodgers' journal at Searching The Voids

Holy Shit! I really don't know what the fuck happened... somethig nasty and several creatures that apparently crawled out of some city sewers. I came running home and had to change my shorts, because I had dropped a fucking load in 'em.

I was coming home from the library. Had been doing this research paper and it needed to be done yesterday. So anyways, I was standing at Beacon Station waiting for the train to pull in. Then something like a dog from the movie Hellboy came running up the tracks. It jumped up on the platform sniffed the air and roared at me. I was like shocked to see this mutated bugger smacking its lips and trying to turn me into its neck meal ticket. When suddenly this subway car...ONE car... showed up out of nowhere and several costumed freaks jump out and start shooting at the beast.

There was a fellow there, I think he's Max Cube. I remembered that name since I read an article on him about a year or so ago and there was this fuzzy photo of his face... I remembered him because of his eyes... they seemed so hollow and lifeless.. but showing wisdom beyond his years. They fought hard... and long and I fled... though I really don't know what happened but I got out of there. I have been scanning the news and other media to see if there is anything being reported... and there is nothing. NOTHING at all.