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My Gift To You

The Pit Fiend let out a victory shout after it slammed Max into the wall. Max collapsed to the stone tile floor, blood pouring out of the long claw marks across his back and onto the ground like someone had knocked over a rain barrel.

The demonic beast's victory dance was short lived as Maggie barrelled through him. Like a pin from a bowling ball, the beast was knocked through a wall. Her main concern was getting to Max; she would let the others fight the beast.

"Not today," she screamed at Max. She tore open his shirt to see how serious the wounds were and they looked like canyons across his back. "You won't be punching that ticket today!"

His eyes opened a crack and he was coughing up blood. "Happy birthday, Mags. You said you wanted to do something special today."

"Jebus," Dexter whispered as he stood on guard beside them. His eyes scanning the shadows to see if any more surprises would be springing out.