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Ticket to Shift

There was a knock at the door.

Max's eyes opened and on reflex he went for his pistols. Taking a second to assess that there was no immediate threat. Max relaxed. 

The knock at the door again.

Max got up and glanced around the apartment. He strolled over to the heater and cranked it up a notch; his body felt the tendrils of cold. Autumn was definitely here. He went to the door and peered into the spyhole, shook his head. He saw a familiar face staring back at him. He unlocked and opened the door, started heading for the kitchen.

"Morning Max," Angst said. She knew it was too early in the morning but Max was usually up anyways doing some meditation thing. She hoped that she hadn't disturbed him. She followed him into the kitchen where he flicked on the coffee maker; the black nectar begin to flow.

"Angst," Max acknowledged. "What brings you sauntering into my neck of the woods?"

He brought down three cups from the cupboard and placed them on the counter.

"The Mainline," she replied. She removed her jacket and hung it on the chair, took a seat and brought up her sling-bag. Set it before her, started rummaging around the pom-poms stuffed inside. "I just want your opinion on what I should do with this."

She took out a scratch ticket and put it on the table. Max picked it up and he nodded his head. He gave her back the ticket.

"By guns, lots of 'em," he told her whimsically. 

She laughed a sweet laugh, much like a warm breeze on an autumn day.