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Dusk Fight

The autumn sun was dying, bleeding daylight away until the sky was dark and full of holes. Max sat in the car, the dial turned to an oldies station. The music drowning out the thumping that was coming from the trunk of the car.

Maggie emerged from the woods, moving with the grace of a leaf fluttering with the wind. She made no sound, but she was moving quite fast. She appeared at the driver-side window.

"The information is correct," she reported. "The men are inside the cabin, waiting for the transfer point, and they still have her locked up."

Max turned the radio off, and slid out of the car. He went back to the trunk and opened it. Inside a skinny runt of a lad looked up, fearful at first, as if he was going to get capped. 

"Get lost," Max told the fellow.

The lad crawled out of the trunk and looked at Max and then Maggie, who was dressed in a blood red body suit. She had a katana strapped to her back.

"You're not going to kill me?" the man asked.

"Well, if you are not out of my sight in 33 seconds then I might," Max told him.

And on that note the lad fled down the road, careful not to look behind.