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Flashbacks to previous episodes. Mags jumping from a building, firing several rounds through the air. Max hanging from a helicopter and letting go. Trump sitting on a fence licking his paw and wiping his face. Frank dancing in a night club. 


(Mags is lying on a hospital bed. 2 doctors are standing on either side of her)

Doctor 1: The results are inconclusive but we must be missing something of importance here. Wounds just don't heal up and disappear.

Doctor 2: Are you sure that this is the gunshot victim?

Doctor 1: Yes. She had several bullet wounds here, here and here. 

(holds up a bloody shirt with several bullet holes through it)

Doctor 1: This shirt came off her.

(shows doctor 2 the shirt with several bullet wounds)

Doctor 2: Nice try. (laughs) It's too early for April fool's jokes.

Doctor 1: I'm not kidding. When they rolled her in here she was covered in blood and had about 8 bullet wounds.