Current Transmissions:


The Awakening Moment

Max awoke before the dawn, his body soaked in a cold sweat. He sat up on the mattress, his body tingling as if millions of flies were crawling on him. He stretched, working muscles that had been docile since he hit the pillow.

Max reached for his clothes, a pair of jeans torn at the knees and a black t-shirt with an I Want to be an X-Man logo. He began to dress, his mind wandering, thinking of Maggie. Wondering where she was at this particular moment.

He dressed like a solider preparing for war; he tied up his combat boots, tucking a knife in the secured slot. He heard movement just outside his window, reached for Pain & Joy and went to check. He saw a black sedan parked across the street; looked like it was time to punch in.

"Come on girls," Max said to the two pistols. "We got work to do."