Current Transmissions:


Platform Souls

The subway doors slid open and Akimoto stepped out onto the dirty platform. His arms hidden in his robes. His eyes narrow and focused, he scanned the abandoned platform and was ready for any surprise.

Suki followed the big Norseman from the car, brandishing the Godhammer; the futuristic weapon was a huge cannon in her small hands. The whole right side of her arm lit up with an eerie glow as her finger rested on the trigger. Her school uniform pressed, she was ready for a new kind of education. Class was about to begin.

Max stepped from the car, a cigarette dangling from his lips. Smoke trailing behind him like a jet-fighter going down. He took a huge drag and blew out the smoke, then flicked the cigarette away. The baton twirled in the air like a satellite breaking up on re-entry.

"Marvelous," he whispered.

A cockroach the size of a great dane scuttled from the darkness across the floor towards Akimoto. The samurai-viking leaped into the air, sword drawn, ready to meet this horrific foe.

Suki let out a yelp of terror; she had never seen a cockroach that big before.