Current Transmissions:


Of Trains and Whistles

The shunting of the train was like a soothing lullaby; Mags found her eyes growing heavy. The music of the city lulling her to sleep like a mother would a child. After the past few days she needed this time off to hone her body. 

I'm so tired, she thought. I could sleep forever.

The sandman's magic enveloping her like a New York City blackout. She closed her eyes and for the first time in aeons she dreamed of home.


Her eyes snapped open and she picked up the cellphone. Noticing Angst's number on it.

"Hello there," she said.

"Maggie," said Angst on the other end. "I was wondering if we could hook up for a coffee?"

Maggie paused. Angst didn't really like coffee; she said it gave her nightmares. It was a warning of some kind.

"I'm fine," Angst said.

And this confirmed her suspicions.

"No," Angst said.

She pocketed the phone and grabbed her katana.