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Catch a Falling Star - Wuxia Remix

Max leapt from the building, twirling around in the air and pulling the triggers. Both guns blazing as gravity took hold and pulled him down. Bullets flying at their targets, striking their mark and sending a few mooks to the gate beyond the Netherworld.

The summoning gate was opening on the rooftop and it was going to take more than all the planning in the world for this to work out right. Because if there was miscalculation his body would be hamburger on the sidewalk below, and the world would belong to a demonic lord. 

And that's not going to happen, he thought.

He kept firing, sending bullets along their merry way. It was doing the job, keeping the mooks at bay, making sure they couldn't get a shot off at him. He continued his plummet, the ground calling to him like a mother waiting for a child.

With the last of the bullets spent, he ejected the cartridges, letting go of the guns, and it seemed everything was standing in one spot except it was still falling. He grabbed two more clips from his webbing, to slap into the guns. As soon as the last cartridge slipped into the gun, he felt a tug on his leg.

Maggie was hanging on the side of the building, she snagged his leg and flung him sideways. 

"Love you," Maggie said to him. 

"I love me too," Max said with a smile, as he flew away from Maggie.

"I knew I shouldn't have caught you, smart ass!" Maggie flashed him a smile. "Go get 'em Tiger!"

Frank grabbed him next and started to fling him upwards with all his strength.

"Are you putting on weight?" Frank asked him.

"Screw you," Max told him as he soared away.

"Nah, Maggie might get jealous!" Frank chided.

Max used the Chi to help propel him as well, for he was like one of the bullets being fired outwards. He was sailing upwards, heading back to the roof that he just dropped off, in a move that would be totally unexpected. He did a double-take as Suki was runnng up the side of the building, matching his speed.

"You think you are going to do this without me, eh?" Suki asked.