Current Transmissions:


> Connor in Plureality

The bones in Connor’s hand broke into a thousand tiny fragments.  

“Jesus,” Richmond said, “you’re actually a spy… A real motherfucking spy.”  

Connor blacked out then came to, his hand burning like a sun.  

“Fuck are you surprised Rich,” he wheezed, “You’re a fucking terrorist.”  

He blacked out again and Richmond splashed water on his face. “I shouldn’t have broke your hand like that… Fuck, I’ll never get you out of here with you all fucked up like that. I wanted to shoot you… Is that strange? That the first reaction I had was that I wanted to shoot you?”  

Connor gritted his teeth and shifted his body on the floor of the hotel room. “It makes sense to me. Shit you really busted it up.”  

“I need to clean up some of this blood, it’s making me nauseous. Drink this.” He poured Connor some vodka. “Then why didn’t you see it coming?”  

“Fuck Rich, you’re still my friend. I guess I hoped-” He pushed himself into sitting against the couch, shaking, taking the glass, and they both heard the knock at the door. They looked at each other and they knew the look, after years of sitting beside each other in boardrooms making business deals, years of sitting beside each other in bars trying to pick up women, they said to each other with the look that things were about to get very complicated.  

Richmond sighed. “How much do you know?”  

Connor said, “Bits. I can help you if you have another gun. I could write it up that I was securing our-”  

Another knock.  

“I don’t have another. And they don’t use guns. They…” Richmond looked at Connor in a way that Connor had never seen. It was scary, because even though Connor knew that Richmond had secrets he had still learned all the looks that Richmond used to hide those secrets. A new look meant a new type of secret. Connor finally started to panic.  

“What the fuck?”   

Richmond tucked the pistol back into his pants and moved to the centre of the room, facing the door. His eyebrows furrowed the same way they did when he and Connor played videogames together. “My name’s not Richmond but it’s not Michael Basso either-”  

“What the fuck?”  

The door started to shake against the bolt.  

Richmond clenched his fists then began flexing his fingers in odd rhythms. “It’s Alice Normal and I’m not a terrorist and I’m really sorry Connor and I will try and get you out of here.”  

“What the-”  

And the door crashed open.