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Rain Game

Thunder rumbled, signaling a storm was approaching. Goner sat in the coffee shop sipping some tea. He hated coffee, and sitting in a coffee house sipping tea was an ironic gesture on his part. Besides, the waitress' here at Good Times, Good Tomes were kind of cute.

Goner drummed his fingers on the table; it was a habit he had developed as a kid and he constantly did it unconsciously. It was an annoying habit but it did help out work out some of the stress.

His cellphone chimed and he answered it.

"Rain game," was all the feminine voice said and the line went dead.

Goner sipped the rest of his tea. He slide a crisp $5 bill onto the table and then made his way to the door.

"Righteous," he whispered after a huge smile consumed his lips.


The rain fell; it was a warm rain and the city needed a good cleansing after the past few days of humid weather. Max, Maggie, Frank, Goner, Aqua, Suki, Dex, Wraith, Angst and Lucy were down in park at the courts playing a game of basketball and it felt good.

"You are going down, Cube," Frank said to Max, guarding him. "Nothing gets past this wall!"

"You wish," Max chided. Frank was matching his moves; Max passed the ball to Angst. 

Angst took the ball and deeked passed Goner, who fell for the feint, and she made it to the net. She was in the air, soaring like Jordan to the post, with ball in hand ready for the dunk.

Dexter had jumped up and knocked the ball out of her hand, and it bounced to Wraith who danced up the court.

"Don't make me hurt you," Angst told Dexter as she landed.

"Ahhh, you need a towel?" Dex chided her.


Running around like children in a sprinkler, passing the ball, interfering galore and constantly distracting each other, all in the name of the game. The banter, the taunts were there, and it felt like it was a group of old friends gathering for a reunion.