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the platform
Hmmm... it's been a long while since I journaled here. But I have to tell someone or something what happened. If I was to repeat this to my friends and family they'd think that I am right nuts and have me committed. This morning started off just like any other boring day, I got up and showered and then grabbed a bite to eat and then went down to the subway to catch my train for work.

All was fine, I stood on the platform with the usual throng of automatons heading off to work or university or god knows where everyone goes throughout the day. So here I am standing on the platform, waiting, when this beautiful woman stands beside me. I could smell her perfume, she was gorgeous. If I was straight I might have even tried to talk with her. 

The train pulls up and everyone is piling on, she stands at the platform and then walks down to the end car. And on a whim, I decide to follow her. Sexual orientation aside, I was like a lost puppy lost in her scent. Now, here comes the real strange part, she enters this car which was empty except for a few others. 

The woman sits down with a fellow in an x-man shirt and they begin chatting, while the girl in the cowboy hat is dancing in the back. There was a school girl sitting there with what looked to be a gun in her lap, and she was chatting with a detective - street clothes but his badge around his neck. And he looked pissed, as if somebody had shit in his cornflakes that morning. There was this big fellow at the other end of the car and he was meditating. So I guess that is why everyone left him alone. 

I took a seat near the nice smelling girl. I tried not to look at her but it was like turning away from an angel. The other passengers were all gathering, like they knew each other but maybe hadn't seen each other in a while.The subway car jolted to a stop at a platform. And it didn't look like Hope Street station... It looked like a place in hell. On the platform was all these demonic creatures and I heard someone shout out,"It's corrupted," and that's when all hell broke loose.

The doors opened and unleashed the gates of hell. The stink of the platform got to me and made me wretch. I could see all the others moving about, the school girl firing this laser pistol, while the woman I had followed wipped out this sword. The cop was bashing heads with a huge bat and the cowboy girl was still dancing but she was knocking the beasts about. I gathered the whole battle must of took like 20 minutes... and there was blood and gore everywhere. 

That's when the school girl noticed me - she lifts up her arm and it's glowing bright at the end and says something like, "You think one of them is hiding in him?"

Some one, I think it was the x-man, says, "Sooky".

The sword woman looks at me, her eyes peering into my soul, replies, "He's pure." Leans in towards me. "Don't be following people onto subway cars."

The guy in the x-shirt picks me up and hands me a cloth, "Take it and go home. When you wake up this will all be a dream."