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The Ling Tia Job

Hong Kong, 1973 

The communicator at Maggie’s side beeped. Which caused the other patrons to give her a look. More than being just a foreigner, she was an angelic looking one at that. She politely smiled, reached down and brought the comm to her lips. She held it close to her mouth as she continued walking down the crowded city street, dressed in a rain slicker.

"Give it to me," Mags said.

"That lead that you sent us on. We've got a situation over at the Golden Palace," a man said, his voice worried. "It's something uncanny and scary and it's got the locals spooked."

"I'll be there in a jiffy," Maggie said. She snapped the communicator closed and entered the alleyway. Dropping the rain slicker, revealing a midnight black body suit, she slung the katana over her shoulders and then jumped to a ladder to get to the roof.