Current Transmissions:


Shocking Future

New Boswash, 2046

The nightclub was hot and humid, like a South African jungle before the change. Mags was sitting at a table in the upper tier, sipping on a ice tea and peering down at the crowd. She couldn't hear the pounding mesh of music due to the silence dome, but she could feel the bass on the floor. It made the people down below seem like clockworks jerking around to a unheard melody. 

"There you are," a voice said.

"I'm here like you asked," Mags replied without turning around. She signaled to the hoverbot floating above the crowd that she wanted another drink. It read her signal and headed for the bar.

"You're looking youthful as ever," she said. "What's your secret?"

"I wish I knew, maybe it's a curse," Mags said with a slight laugh. She turned to face the woman who was dressed a red power suit. "Let's cut to the chase. What do you have for me this time, Lucy?"