Current Transmissions:


Intro the Cube, Take 2

MAX, wearing a red t-shirt with a Psycho For Hire logo, runs through an UNDERGROUND PARKING GARAGE. He's being chased by three men).

MAN 1: There he goes, he's rabbiting!

MAN 2: Damn you Cube, just stop!

MAN 1: (pause) Man, this is like deja vu.

MAX glides behind a corner, his mp3 player headphones showing, flings open a door and runs up a flight of stairs. He runs down a hall, gunshots fly. He dives in an elevator as bullets riddle the insides. The doors close. He stands up and straightens his shirt and presses 13. After he presses 13 he hits the stop button. The elevator stops. He hits 13 again and the doors open to a bright light. The sound of techno music fills the elevator.


MAGGIE: You sure it was Big Lo Pi? He's a real scumbag. I hope you didn't lead his thugs here, or else I am going to kick your ass... but I already said that before, didn't I?

MAX gives MAGGIE a wink.

MAGGIE: Oh sweetie, don't tell me that this is just a loop we're caught in? And in seven seconds some hit-men are going to be pouring out of the elevator... again.

MAX: I played the Time Card.

MAGGIE: That was a one-time thing only, for an dire emergency.

MAX just shrugs.

MAGGIE looks towards the elevator, seeing the numbers flashing on the door above the entrance to the nightclub. Her hand reaches underneath the table just as the elevator opens and several dark-suited fully armed men enter the nightclub.

MAGGIE: Well, might as well play this out again.