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The first thing they heard was the music playing. A mellow dance tune.

"Bingo," Max said.

"Are you sure this time?" inquired Angst. She doubled check the uzis to make sure they were ready if needed. 

"Positive," he answered. "They group in places like this." Max kicked open the door to the warehouse; smoke and the smell of burnt flesh assaulted his nostrils. He was right on the money with this one. The music was loud and actually danceable.

Angst turned away from the smell, the heat from the nightclub was overbearing as well.

"Purgatides," Max muttered. 

They stepped into the nightclub to see a huge mass of beings dancing about.

"Well now," Angst replied. It was an infectious song. "Isn't this just groovy."

"Stay focused. Their leader should be close by as well," Max said.