Current Transmissions:


The Comic Book

"Hey kiddo," Max said. He plopped down on the seat infront of Suki.

"Heya Maximum," Suki replied. She looked up from the comic book she was reading. 

"What ya doing?" Max asked, peering at the book. 

"Nothing at the moment," Suki replied. "Just reading."

"Getting cultured I see," Max intoned. "You digging the X-men?"

"Indeedios," she chirped. She gave him a wink and went back to her reading.

"Well, happy reading, let me know when you get up to the Apocalypse Redux series and then will have a serious chatfest," Max said as he got up and proceeded down the aisle. 

The train moving through the tunnels showing midnight in the otherwhens, otherwheres and otherlives.