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Maximum Effect

"Go for it," Maggie told Max. She sat across from him, her arms folded on the table, a look of angelic serenity on her face betraying no emotion whatsoever. She knew that he was wrestling with his thoughts on this one.

"You think I should?" Max asked her. He butted out a cigarette and reached for another.

"Look, opportunities like this only come once every few realities," she said with a smile. "You miss out on a chance like this and then you will be wondering for the rest of your life if you had done the right thing."

Max sat in the booth and glanced out the window; the wind had picked up a bit and was scattering debris about on the city street.

"It might have a butterfly effect though," he said.

"What's the sense of being a butterfly if you can't flap your wings," she told him.