Current Transmissions:


CD One

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

(interior artwork: portrait of Max looking tired/haggard. The words 'Control, Obey, Question Mark, Plureality, Noo Media, N.E.O., Help Me, Have You Seen Me?, guns, knives, magick, chaos, mythology, space, clothes, confusion, signal, try, reject, far, robots, <anarchy symbol>, towers, complex, doubt, fatigue, hunter, shift, parallel, memory, orb, demons, computer, mix, wonder, fear, maggie, lost')

Track 1: Thomas Dolby - One of Our Submarines (Extended Mix)
Track 2: Tom Jones - Sex Bomb (Remix)
Track 3: Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby (Revised Mix)
Track 4: Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (Orb Atmosfear Version)
Track 5: Queen - Under Pressure (Rah Mix) (with David Bowie)
Track 6: KLF - What Time Is Love (Techno Slam Mix)
Track 7: The Crystal Method - Name of the Game
Track 8: The Timelords - Doctor n The Tardis (Extended)
Track 9: Sarah McLachlan - Possession (Chemical Bothers Remix)
Track 10: Richard Cheese - Baby Got Back
Track 11: Fluke - Zion
Track 12: KLF - Last Train to Trancentral (Razormaid)
Track 13: Monster Magnet - 19 Witches
Track 14: Queen - She Makes Me (Stormtrooper in Stilettos)
Track 15: U2 - In God's Country