Current Transmissions:



The chain-linked fences laced with barbedwire, watchtowers bookending the gate, icy light thrown into the evening darkness by spotlights. The soldiers in grey, weapons flickering, tech scanning.

"Okay, let's run it," Max whispered to his companions in the crowd that was shuffling slowly through the checkpoint.

"I have some Divinities bookmarked," Angst went first. "But if they arrive in any way much stronger than a general blessing it will attract a lot of attention."

Frank was studying the guards, the spotlights reflecting in his glasses. "This has got to be the System, right? How many of these have we seen now? It's getting harder to go anywhere."

"Too many, but this is one we can't avoid," Max said. "We need through."

"I know, I know," Frank replied. "I'm sure I can think the troops into not noticing Goner's mods if they check under the hood."

"Appreciated," Goner said. He raised a gloved hand, the one he had had replaced. "And I'm pretty sure I've figured out how this can broadcast a smartwave scrambler signal that will spoof their ID-scanners."

"Well shit," Max said. "It sounds like we have an A-plan. How about a B?"

"Panic?" Goner said.

"Violence," Frank said.

"Improvise," Angst said.

Max chuckled.