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"Everybody Need A Saviour, Baby" [version.Upgrade]

Max stood watch by the door while Angst laid out the tools. Survival knife for the athame, a coffee mug pocketed from the nearby cafe for the chalice. An air freshener, a book of matches, eye drops, a gift card for a grocery store. For the sylphs, salamanders, undine and gnomes. Lit the incense, wrapped a green scarf loosely around her neck and shoulders.

They exchanged a quick glance and Angst began the ritual. It was quiet in the motel room for some time, the sound of traffic from outside seemed to fade. Only the low whisper coming from Angst, seated on the floor in the candlelight.

"Thusa Bríd an stór, Thusa Bríd na cochaill, Sciath dom ó an toirmeasc de na sióga na tuláin, Na faeiries na tuláin..."

The candle was sputtering, the last of the wick about to drown in the wax. When another light blossomed in the room. Angst's eyes had opened and a soft but steady glow was shining from them. She was still whispering but Max couldn't understand what she was saying anymore.

Afterwards. He had made them a pot of coffee, put the TV on low. Made the space normal again. She had lain on the bed, cried a little; it had taken a lot out of her.

Then, sitting on the edge of the bed beside him, "Brigid told me that The System sometimes smuggles data in the sub-quantum imprints of recurring toxic variables... I don't think They want to eradicate disease, just manipulate how and when it spreads? I had a vision that if we surveilled Angus Mode for a decent amount of time we would divine a pattern that would give us a clue to the circuitry of Their network."

Max frowned. "We can find Mode, but Plureality is a mess right now so who knows if we'll have the time we need..."

Angst nodded in sympathy, then yawned.

"Another cup?" he asked.

"Another nap," she said as she flopped backwards on the bed, already yawning again. Max moved back over to the door, the sightline through the break in the blinds out to the parking lot.

"Hey," he said as Angst scrunched a pillow under her head. "That was really great work."

She smirked, eyes closed. "You think I haven't been paying attention all the times you did that stuff? It wasn't much harder than learning the cheer we did for the Cannons/Yetis game."