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A Stop To Work Out The Kinks

Suki butted out the cigarette with the heel of her foot. She let out the breath of smoke and watched it trail into the air looking for symbols or other imagery to show her what was coming. Thunder rumbled upon the horizon letting her know that the storm was approaching but she was sure that it was passing them by.

She took the thermos off the roof of the car and poured herself a coffee, black. She made sure the cap was on tight before she took a sip from the cup. The sound of Depeche Mode emanated from the speaker; Dave Gahan was asking for someone to reach out and touch faith.

"We should be going shortly," she called out to the two young kids playing at the park. "We only stopped to stretch our legs and for a little pee break."

Suki was used to the stern 'just one more minute' look the two gave her and she only nodded her head without realizing she had just given in to that look. She wondered if she had ever done that to Max; she presumed she had.

"Okay, one more minute then we have to move on," she called out.

"Thanks gramma," Yuri shouted back at her.