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A Night At The Lab

Max stepped out of the car and walked around to the entrance as he tossed the keys to a young fellow rushing up to pull the car into a private lot. Max opened to door for Maggie who was dressed to kill in a red Baroness Lumiche dress with a dazzling necklace by Ammon Pryce that cost as much as a small nation.

Max looked spiffy in his Hugo Nass suit, diamond cufflinks and tie pin as well. His $3000 hairstyle didn't even budge in the slight breeze. Glancing at him one would think that he was a dead ringer for that 80's icon, Max Headroom.

"Max over here!" he could hear the ladies calling him. All with fPhones ready to snap a picture of him and flood the intrawebs sites like Fall'n, Tweetie and Novelhead. His agent said it was golden to be snapped up around town and his ratings would hit the roof, making his brand even more known.

Tonight was the opening of the hottest club in town, The Lab, owned by Morganfokker Productions and catering to the filthy rich and lavishing luxury. The place was going to be all over the news in the morning...