Current Transmissions:



"Well, space usually has three dimensions. And we tend to move about within them relatively easily. Time has seven more dimensions, three of which we are usually travelling through without really noticing. And the other four require specialized technology. Psychic or mechanical, of course," Crow said.

"Okay, so that's ten dimensions so far..." Trump said.

"Right, plus the micro-dimension of biology, the hyper-dimension of neurology, the macro-dimension of planetary awareness, the mega-dimension of galactic awareness, and the ultra-dimension of cosmic consciousness."


"Multiplied by the 333 dimensions of mythic experience, and multiplied again by the 777 parallel universes, all to the power of 999 - the exponential number of interfaces that are commonly referred to as 'imagination'..."

"Um, I think I need to grab a calculator..."

"Don't bother, the exact number isn't necessarily relevant. Although the Professor would, of course, argue otherwise. And I don't pretend to know what kind of math his Plexotron operates on, only that what he thinks is his great invention is in fact a manifestation of the archetypal Initiation Chamber."

"Ah, that's interesting," Trump purred.

"Not to stray from the point, however. Which is that due to his XXXXXXXXXXXXX Max has the ability to travel through space, time, the body, the mind, the planet, the galaxy, the cosmos, mythology, parallel realities, media, dreams, and art."

"Which, in turn, might explain why he seems so confused a lot of the time."

"And keep in mind that this very description of Max as an Omni-dimensional Traveller is only one version of plureality."

Trump pawed at his whiskers. "You know what? I'm sorry I asked."

"Actually, I have a chart here somewhere that-" Crow continued.

"I need a nap."