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Neo Static: The Permutation Particles Polka V

Darius skateboarded down the ramp with Twofeathers flying a little ahead as a scout. Suki kept up with them as she jogged, making sure the Godhammer was on and ready to sing a song of death or two. Darius held a three dimension projection of the area in his hands, casually pointing to the direction they needed to go.

"Why is this Ul'ran invasion important?" Twofeathers asked as she flew back. She was bored and just wanted to talk. "We've seen a few timelines crumble in our journeys - what makes this one special?"

"Everything and nothing," Darius replied. "It's all part of the plan. What we are doing has to be of great significance or.... it could be a set point in time as well as..."

"I've learned a long time ago to just go with the flow," Suki chimed in.

Twofeathers drifted over to Suki and looked her over, as if checking for defaults. After all, hadn't they been talking with another version?

"I never thought there were any other versions of me out there," Twofeathers said. "Maybe I'm a mighty dragon in one of them."

"Or a bug on a windshield in another," Darius quipped.