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Neo Static: Neo Static: The Permutation Particles Polka VI

No matter how much tried to manipulate the strings the outcome was virtually the same: very bad. There was a solution to the task at hand and he was simply winging it as he went along. It was all gut instinct.

Just let it go, Max. You've done as much as you can do," Morganfokker whispered.

Don't listen to him," Maggie said. "He's still holding a grudge after having his head blown off."

Max chuckled.

A bead of sweat streaked down his cheek as he was playing the strings and working a tangent. He now knew how DJs felt on the stage working their magic from other peoples' sounds to make music. It was skill, inspiration and all heart. Max could see himself floating in a tube; he could also see many versions of himself aware of what is happening around him.

That's why I stopped for a fraction of a second in Rio. He knew that pieces of the puzzle were still missing but a large chunk of the picture was there. That also explains the hiccup in ... Why didn't I see this before?

It's so simple that children see it and when they get older they are blinded by the cold world around them
, Maggie said. Now, you are seeing it... you can see it... since this

This Transmission Is Coming To You.