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Neo Static: What May Be, What Might Be, What It Is III

Even though this might be the end of everything Ruffo was having the time of her life. She had never felt more alive than right now, her thoughts were crystal clear and her actions were smoother than silk on satin. She realized that this feeling had been building up inside of her since they discovered Max in the chamber.

"What the hell are you smilin at?" Anderson asked. Anderson had dispatched three of the creatures that used to be good friends only moments ago and now they were lying at her feet twitching like bugs on a hot windowsill.

"I really don't know," Ruffo confessed. "At first I was filled with dread and then a few moments ago I got this feeling inside that something good will come of all this."

"Well," Anderson stated. "I hope whatever the hell it is you're feeling is coming soon... or we're all Ul'ran drones."