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Neo Static: What May Be, What Might Be, What It Is II

Munson and Hyllensen stood there looking at the screen; it only had five minutes until the whole compound was purged. It was better to go out in a blaze of glory than to become a servant of the Ul'ran infestation in their minds.

"See you on the other side," Munson said to Hyllensen.

"We're not there yet," Hyllensen replied. He had learned from history to never count your chickens before they hatched.

"What do you mean?" Munson questioned.

Hyllensen pointed to the screen showing Max hovering off the floor as a bright light began to emanate from him. "There's still him."

"What the hell is he going to do?" Munson wanted to know.

"Well," Hyllensen stated. "It could be beneficial.... or detrimental. Either way we're screwed."