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Neo Static: The Permutation Particles Polka II

Ruffo was down to her last clip, her anti-biotic pin had reached the maximum limit and she knew her time was going to come. She would save a last bullet for herself since she didn't want to be a drone in the Ul'ran horde.

She was in the meat locker, secured in the confined space with a few other souls that had managed to escape the chaos. But she couldn't shake the feeling that something wonderful was going to happen; she got this feeling once in a blue moon and she attributed it to just plain dumb luck.

Could there be someone pulling the strings? she wondered. Could this be just a game of some sort and I'm just a ...

Nope... Well, maybe.... or it could be a movie...
a voice entered her head. It was Max. Well, one cannot answer that question honestly though, since it's only a matter of how you look at things.

"Cap, are you alright?" Denmark asked. He raised the gun on her in a precautionary manner and he was ready to put a bullet in her brain-pan if she was infected.

"Yeah," she said. "Save your bullet for when you truly need it."

Denmark cracked a wry smile; she was okay.

You can open the door in about 30 seconds.

Outside the hammering and pounding on the steel door stopped and she could hear the rattle of Uzis and the sound of shells dancing on the floor like an erratic drummer at a punk concert. Then all was silent.

Ruffo looked at the others in the freezer and she went to the door and pulled a tie from the handle.

"What's going on?" someone asked. "Did they send a rescue unit?"

"I don't know," Ruffo said. "But, I think whoever it is ain't takin' no crap from Ul'rans."

The door opened and Ruffo looked and saw two young ladies in different cheerleader outfits. Why they could be twins. She didn't know who they were or why they were here but she was glad to see them.

"Max needs to see you now," one of the cheerleaders said.