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Neo Static: The Permutation Particles Polka I

"... now you understand what must be done," Max said to them all. He had turned to the three-dimensional projection of Suki and Aqua hovering before them. "Time is of the essence, though the essence of time is not up for question. Comprehend?"

Aqua nodded as if she understood. She banged the battle gauntlets she was wearing together to activate them.

Suki just shrugged, lifting her hands in a 'comme ci, comme ca' motion. Her 13 year old brain was still trying to wrap around the fact of seeing herself, or another version of her, in the room with Max while he was giving them their task to do. And she was still trying to figure out if this Max was the Max.

"You got it, dude," she finally said. Then the holographic projection disappeared.

Max turned to the others he had gathered; a cup of coffee materialized before him and he took a sip of the elixir.

Suki glanced up at Max and smiled; same old Max. Then she looked at the others in the room where they had gathered:

Darius and his sidekick, Twofeathers, resting on his shoulders.

A much older version of Frank, his hair grey and his face clean shaven standing with what she had first thought was a version of Angst but turned out to be her daughter, Angelissa. Suki presumed the various strings in the plex intertwined and changed and off-shoot to various other alternatives which were endless and constantly changing like waves on a beach. 

And standing beside them was the Angst that she knew and loved but it wasn't her Angst, or maybe it was but it was not too easy to tell these days.

And then there was the Suki and Aqua which Max had contacted, wanting them to...

"You sure you are up to this, Suki?" Max asked her.

"You got it, dude," she told him.