Current Transmissions:


Neo Static: Versimilitude Man IV

Ruffo's first instinct was to slap an anti-biotic pin into her neck and then grab her re-breather and put it on. She watched as Ksen's skin began to peel away like a banana, being replaced by pulsating reptilian scales.

"CODE OMEGA NOW!" she barked. "RED! RED! RED!"

Ksen flopped on the ground, twitching as spores began to sprout out from the wounds in his body. He was a time bomb waiting to go off. A bio-mechanical device that had gone through all the scanners and fooled them all.

For those who didn't inject the pin in time the spores were claiming them as their own.

Soon, very soon, there would be a dozen new Ul'ran inside the base. This was not good, Ruffo thought. She picked up her revolver and prepared to do the dance once again.