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Neo Static: Verisimilitude Man V

The klaxon sounded. A sound that no one wanted to hear echoing throughout the base camp. Which meant an infection managed to find a way into the base camp.

"We have a breach," someone shouted.

"Oh my god, no," someone else said.

General Munson grabbed for his rebreather and slapped on his anti-biotic pin. He looked at Hyllensen and he saw his eyes widen in horror. "We've lost," his voice sounded with a tone of dejection.

Hyllensen knew that it was only a matter of time before the base was totally infected and he reached over and put his thumb print on a glass panel. "General!" he barked. "We have to do this."

Munson strolled over to the console and looked at Hyllensen and then nodded. "Activate Zero Day." 

Munson and Hyllensen put their palms on the screen and the computer began to scan.