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Neo Static: Enmity Terrene IV

Munson leaned over Hyllensen's shoulder as Hyllensen's fingers danced over the keyboard; he began to input some data into the program. Bloodwork, x-ray scans and other testing to make sure that this fellow sitting there in the other room asking for a smoke and a coffee was genuine.

He wouldn't have put it past the Ul'ran to sneak a device in. Munson wanted to make sure that it was all good and kosher.

Smoke? What the hell was that? A code word?

The old dot matrix printer begin to whine, the machine jumped into life and slowly spit out the data. Hyllensen glanced at the sheet.

"Well?" Munson inquired.

Hyllensen studied the printout and his smile revealed what the tests showed.

"Positive?" Munson asked.

"Yes," Hyllensen answered.

"Sweet Mother of Mary," Munson said.