Current Transmissions:


Neo Static: Enmity Terrene III

The sound of water hitting cement echoed throughout the chamber.

Ruffo stood in the shower, letting the crisp cool water cascade upon her body. The water felt like tiny kisses on the pores of her skin, and she was glad to be alive. It had been weeks since her body had embraced the rare commodity; water itself was a precious thing these days and when the storms hit it was a sign from the heavens to open up the containers and savour the free samplings it offered.

Her mind harping back on the words the stranger said...

"Well, that answered that question."

Before he fell unconscious again. What did it mean, what does it all mean.

"The crew is ready, sir!" Ksen called in, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Be out in five," she replied as she lathered up.