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Max had kicked off his shoes and felt the sand between his toes, and it felt good. 

A wave lapped up on the beach, nearly reaching his toes this time. He sat on a log watching the sun setting upon the horizon. He took another pull from his beer.

The sound of fire crackling behind him and the strum of a guitar made it all seem so surreal to him. It had been a long, long time since he had just sat with nothing to do but drink a beer at his own pace.

"This is grand, isn't it," Frank said as he approached him. He was holding out another bottle of beer. "It looked like you were just about running on empty on that one."

"Thanks man," he said as he took the new bottle and placed it beside him. "Really, don't want to move from this spot."

"Simply beautiful here, isn't it old friend," Frank said as he sat on the log beside him.

"That it is," he replied. He finished the last of the liquid in the bottle before chucking it out into the water.

"You know that's 10 cents you tossed out there," Frank chided.