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Knight's Gambit

"This is a stupid game," Darius interjected. He looked at the board again and couldn't decide what to do. "Why do you even bother to play it?"

Max reached for a cup of coffee and took a sip before replying, "It's all about the moment."

"Moment," Darius said. "By God's good grace, what moment is that?"

Max put the coffee mug down and leaned forward; he waved his arm over the chess pieces like a amateur magician at a kids' show. "You look at the board and what do you see? Several items carved out of wood on a two-toned coloured board. Each carving represents a being and what they represent. You know the stage is set and that these pieces can only move a certain amount in a certain way for a set number of moves. Though one might think that it's limited, alas the game itself is a wonderful dance, not only of the mind but also the action of movement. The possibilities are endless."

Darius looked at the board again and then up at Max.

"It's just an unanimated object, Darius," Max said. "We make it come to life with our actions."