Current Transmissions:



"Do you want to hit a drive-thru?" Brogan asked. "You're probably dying for a coffee."

"Sure, thanks." But when they pulled up to the speaker Max said, "Make it a tea."

When Brogan tapped the cigarette pack in the dashboard tray Max shook his head. Brogan kept his eyes on the road, headlights in the night, streetlamps, exit signs. "I guess it has been a while," he said.

Max almost said "Has it?" but he wasn't sure yet what was safe.

"Perhaps unsurprisingly," Brogan said, "catching the police report on you turned into a Type 17 Event."

Max tried to remember the jargon... Seventeen. The Star. This version of Brogan might be testing him. "An Omen of what?" Max asked.

"During my flight here to pick you up we got a call from MK-Omega. They want to put the Cadre back together."