Current Transmissions:



There was a hallway, an elevator ride, and another two hallways until reception. Max had that long to figure out which version he was in.

The ritual in the motel room, then the attack... Military? Mercenaries? LEGACY? The Future? Where was he before the motel room? Maggie had been there, then she was gone. He had flashes of a diner, of a subway, of an apartment with a tent set-up inside it... Detectives, a hitman, a cheerleader, a kid in a school uniform with a huge gun and a wicked smirk... It was hard to tell if he was remembering events or scenes from movies, conversations or song lyrics. The lights in the hallway seemed too bright, the chime of the elevator sounded too loud. Ships sailing through space, packs of hell hounds prowling in a ruined city. Faeries dancing on water, a deck of tarot cards. Two pistols, a katana. A crow.

Last hallway. Max figured he would have to make a break for it. Get somewhere safe, meditate. Steal a cell phone, wait for a call. Start searching.

Relax, a voice said. This transmission is coming to you.