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Channel Plex: Tapestries

Sandrine Riveta: "It was just... It was a really special time. We would do a show every second Saturday, and we'd pick the setting and characters for the next show while we were striking the latest one. So we were just constantly in this creative fugue, each show like the cresting of a wave, then building momentum to the next. For the two weeks between the shows we would work out our characters, their histories, the performance of them. Then they'd all meet on stage on the night of the show. So it was improv but with some design to it. Not so much a goal, but a pathway, maybe?" 

Josiah Stone: "We'd use this one idea that Max got from a comic he loved, 'The Invisibles'. Each one of the five characters would be sortof informed or built around one of the elements. And their role in the play would represent that. Nothing obviously symbolic, but a way to control the interplay a bit when we were on stage..." 

Milton Reddings: "To me it felt like we were involved in this weird ongoing Live Action Roleplaying game." 

Sandrine Riveta: "But the best was the show. Spending the afternoon setting up the basement of the church, the table for ticket sales, putting on a pot of coffee. Running through the lighting cues. Stretching." 

Josiah Stone: "Then we'd head backstage and wait for the sound of the people starting to arrive. The murmur, the scraping of chairs..." 

Sandrine Riveta: "I love that sound."