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Mayganne shrugged. "I know, it sounds silly. But when I stream the latest episode, and I know that there are thousands of other people like me watching it too... And then I check the sites, and I check in on tumblr, and everyone is posting and reacting and speculating and making gifs... And this thing, this thing that's fake and made up and not really real, but it makes me feel so much, and makes all these other people feel so much... And it's like it matters, like we all matter. We're all in it together and we all matter."

Goner smiled. "That's not silly at all. That's probably the same reason I want to join the army."

Mayganne stopped herself from making a comment along the lines of, "Yeah, but with less invading and killing." It was an argument they had had before, and they would have it again before the end of high school. He was really listening to her though, and being sweet, and he didn't deserve it. They were both lost and both searching.

Instead, in that moment, feeling close to him and welcomed, she chose to ask the question that had always gone unspoken.

"Goner... Do you ever think it's strange that we can't remember how we met?"