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from the About section of the blog My Life As A Cube:

I once tried to kill myself. Was going to jump from a bridge. And a man stopped, and he talked to me for a long time, and stayed with me until I decided that I would not jump. He walked with me and talked with me for a while after (until we were far away from the bridge). I never saw him again. During our conversation he told me that his name was Max Cube.

A long time after that night, when I wasn't feeling as vulnerable or desperate, I looked for him online. The only Max Cubes I could find were a strange European toy company, a fitness instructor (whose picture was not the man from the bridge), and a character in a series of posts on a blog called Omega Station Twelve.

I began reading Omega Station Twelve everyday. I looked for clues in the posts about the identity of Max Cube. I left comments on the blog but no one ever replied. It was a weird site - the stories rarely had beginnings or endings, they seemed to happen out of order, sometimes they contradicted each other. It was confusing to say the least. There were no new posts after November 8, 2012. The night on the bridge.

But it felt like there was a mystery to it, a hidden pattern... Or maybe I just needed there to be one, to make sense of that night on the bridge, the man who listened. To make it meaningful.

What I have decided to do is start my own blog, to start writing my own stories about Max Cube. He heard me once, maybe he will hear me again. And maybe someone else who needs a mystery or a pattern will find some meaning here.