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Channel Plex: Cast Pics

These were taken at various locations during the filming of Season Five.
Before things started to go wrong.

According to most fansites, Akimoto and Max would typically spend their off-hours having long, philosophical conversations in the local pubs. 

The crew often reported that Angst and Max worked very well together, devoting equal time to rehearsing scenes and to joking around.

Rumours that Max was resistant to the introduction of Aqua appear to be completely unfounded; according to their cast-mates, he was like a big brother to her.

Both Frank and Max spoke openly about their creative differences, but they were also very clear about the respect they had for each others' work.

Goner apparently took the news that he was being killed very well; he remained an upbeat and enthusiastic addition to the team until the very end. His brief appearance in Season Eight led to much speculation among fans.

Every cast and crew member ever interviewed confirmed that Max and Maggie refused to interact off-camera, in order to infuse their performances with the uncertainty, desperation and fragility that they were famous for.

Even though Suki (version Grown Up) would not appear for two more seasons, she visited the set regularly to watch the cast work, especially Suki (version Kid).

Tatterdemalion's scenes ended up being cut and reworked into Season Six. There were many fansites that speculated about how this decision directly contributed to the radical changes in Season Seven, including the existence of the supposed 'Missing Season'.