Current Transmissions:


Express Elevator To Nirvana

The elevator doors opened with a slight little shh sound, which made Max chuckle out loud. The little girl who was standing beside him as she waited for the elevator as well. She was dressed in a school uniform, black slacks, white shirt and a bright orange plaid vest. She carried a lunch box that had a picture of an angel with a huge sword flying above the air.

"Morning Mr. Koob," she said. "It's suppose to be a beautiful day again."

"Is it now, Hira?" he questioned. He didn't know if he had met the child before and it was strange that he would know her name. Why do I know her name?

"Yes it is, Mr. Koob," Hira said as she stepped into the elevator. She pressed the button for the lobby. "Mom says it's all due to the atmospheric processors."

"Atmospheric processors," Max repeated.

The song playing in the elevator was an old Nirvana tune done in the style of elevator music; it seemed strange to hear 'All Apologies' playing with harps, flutes and cellos. Max knew this song was going to stick in his brain all day now.

"Wait a second, Hira. Did you just call me Koob?"