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Coffee Breaking

Max leaned back on the park bench, enjoying the scenery; he watched an elderly couple stroll by him holding hands. The old fellow just nodded at him as they went on their way through the garden. There was a potpourri of aromas about him; a mixture of jasmine, honeysuckle, roses, even the smell of oranges as the warm breeze picked up some.

He could make out a group of young lads playing a game of stickball, as well.

Stickball, he thought again. Had he ever played it on the mean streets of...

Where was he from anyway?

He brought the disposable mug to his face and sipped from the coffee. He could tell by the LED countdown on the handle he had another five minutes left before the mug disintegrated. Becoming one with mother nature once again.

His watched chimed. An old Fatboy Slim song came on telling him it was time to go. He gulped the last of the black liquid and set the cup on the bench and walked away.

As the LED of the mug reached zero the mug simply dematerialized.

Gone into the static.