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Channel Plex: Living Outside The Lines

Tatter smirked as she was told for the hundredth time today that she was their favourite character on the show. She nodded and smiled as she took the sharpie and signed her name on the glossy 8x10 photo of her face. 

Leonard Nimoy probably felt like this, she thought. Here she was sitting at a booth at a convention and signing autograph after autograph. It was a good thing that she was getting paid $1,000 for just a few hours of work. She knew that she wasn't top end of the sci-fi convention scene. Heck, Wil Wheaton was making more than her, but considering Wil was also an internet geek that upped his convention fee as well. 

"I like your performance in the episode 'Die Now, Pay Later'," a little girl said. "It moved me." 

'Die Now, Pay Later' was her breakout role in the series. Up until then she was just a secondary character only guaranteed five minutes of screen time. After that episode her screen time doubled and eventually tripled. 

The little girl brought out her sketchbook and flipped to a page showing Tatter as her character. "Could you please sign this?" 

Tatter marveled at the illustration; she had seen her fair share of artwork and fan drawings but this one was a definite labour of love. She was afraid to even mark it for fear of ruining such a masterpiece. She placed down the sharpie and reached for a ballpoint pen. She knew the sharpie would bleed on the paper and a pen wouldn't. This was going to be a very special autograph... one that might even pay this girl's way into college several years down the road if she was willing to part with it.