Current Transmissions:



He clasped the wand around his wrist, checked that the straps were secure but not too tight. He could feel the soft buzz of the arcane energy humming inside the freshly charged device. The numbers of the Battery Mages were low this year; charges were being rationed until new recruits could be located. Stryker's weapons had priority status, though; the safety of the citizens of the fortress and the many travelers whose ships docked there depended on the Lieutenant and his team. 

The Council had decreed a series of exploratory journeys to worlds with arcane lore, in the hopes of bolstering the ranks of the Batteries. It was a well-rewarded but often exhausting role in the fortress. It took a great deal to run the massive station, much skill and craft, magic and wisdom. And strength. For when the enemies came. 

A good friend of Stryker was set to sail to today on one of the ships enlisted for the Council's mission. Sometimes he envied those who found their paths taking them across the vast sea of space to planets named and unnamed, known and forgotten. His role was here though, on Citadel.