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The tavernkeeper still got ears to bend and eyes to widen from the telling of the tale, though the night that spawned it was years past. Travelers from nearby Burrengard and even the Port of Sakkersly beyond still came to his ramshackle roadside inn to hear the story of the Flying Ship. The strange tale of the the Elfin Princess and her magic bracer, the steel Golem that had attacked her, and the band of adventurers - strangers in the tavern until the fighting started - who had saved her. And the strangest part of all, the massive ship that sailed not on waters but on the air, that gathered the Princess and her new allies up and flew them off to the stars.  

Sometimes a merchant or a sellsword would challenge the truth of tale, to which the innkeep could only shrug. Most, though, listened to his story with bent ear and wide eyes, as if it had really happened. For indeed it had.