Current Transmissions:


Slow Train A Coming

The car had moved several inches in the last few hours. The wheels squealing on the tracks, as if pulling away from glue. Something was definitely happening and he was glad for it. He didn't know how many more days he could stay couped up on just a platform. A prisoner lost in time and space. He could hear Bishop in the conductor car yelling at the train, shouting for it to move forward.

"What's going on?" Aqua inquired. She was bouncing around in her seat, itching to get into combat.

"Looks like whatever is holding us here is trying to keep us here," Frank said. "It doesn't want to let us go."

"Could it be some demonic force? Like a life leech?" Tatter asked. She sat by a window looking out and saw people begin to mill about on the platform, their images ghostlike in appearance. Whatever was happening it was affecting the platform too. 

Bishop continued to shout at the train, hurling verbal abuse at the Gods, the earth, the world, his shoes. It was the first time any one of them had heard him become so vocal.

The train lurched forward again, a sudden two feet, sending everyone in the car tumbling over. It was a violent battle that was going on and it looked like Bishop was finally winning. Frank stood up and glanced around at the car to make sure everyone was okay, then as he scanned the platform his eyes widened in shock...