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A Celebration of Linear Time

by The Professor

“In honour of the wide-spread consensus belief that events generally move forward progressively, and that cause precedes effect (and intentionally ignoring the facts that plureality manifests as both a holarchy and a fractal), I have created a Timeline of Max Cube.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!”

Origin Story

  • as described in version.OPI8
  • Max's involvement with the military, MK-Omega, the Cadre
  • Max shoots and kills his handler Morganfokker
The Diner


  • Max begins to experience different versions of reality
  • Max often perceives events as if they are a TV show
  • Time/Memory fragmentation increases
  • Max meets Maggie during his escape from the secret base Atlantis

Version X

  • Max experiences radical disruptions to his mental health, as described in version.X, and version.THERAPY
  • Max encounters various gods and enters the Abyss



[The Missing Season]



  • the newest Dragons undergo Initiation
  • Maggie returns and meets with Susanna and Crow
  • the old Dragons are trapped on the Subway 


  • a shift into a radically different version of space fantasy
  • the adventures of the Guard and the climactic battle against the enemy



  • Control reveals the existence of The System and Counter-System